Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Too many times I let doubt and fear control my life.  The fear of being rejected or looking stupid was always at the root of the problem.  

Doubt and fear often stopped me from chasing meaningful dreams. Then one day, I said to myself, "Screw it! Just go for it!"

In 2019, Devon Wayt, MBA, and I launched Pallas Pens, a consumer products side hustle to disrupt the whiteboard pen industry because 100's of millions of markers are thrown into the trash every year - and THAT'S NOT OK!

We believed we could solve the refillable ink problem, reduce plastic by 50%, AND offer a better, more cost-effective experience.

We knew nothing of dry erase whiteboard pen manufacturing, trade, patents, or marketing consumer products.

We had no idea what was required for investment or how we would find the money to develop the prototypes, hire lawyers for patents, or find the right marketing partners.

We tried, learned, tried, learned, and tried again. After almost three years, we have a great product that hits the target!

Today, we are learning how to sell a consumer product - lots of A/B testing on social, trying different web configurations, and leveraging a young and eager team of new college grads who want to build their own marketing company.

Wow! What a ride!

Our Professional Whiteboard Pack is available on our website. Thank you!