Hold it right there

Welcome.  Before we let you into our TOP SECRET vault of the most legit whiteboard pens on the planet, we need to ask you a few questions:

1) Are you 100% totally, head-over-heels in love with those typical whiteboard markers?  You know, the ones that every whiteboard has or that you see the bins at Costco overflowing with?

Well, are you in love with them or what?

2) Do you like the idea that millions of those whiteboard markers get thrown in the trash every year?  They're not recycled, they're not repurposed, and they definitely aren't refillable.

They end up in the dump or worse, in oceans and in the belly of whales and other innocent sea creatures. 

So, do you love that or what?

3) Are you the type of person who is so lazy that when your whiteboard marker runs out, you'd prefer to:
=> test your basketball skills by tossing it in the trash from across the room, hopefully dazzling your audience (and hopefully not hitting anyone in the head)

- instead of -

=> unscrewing the cap, whipping out a refill from your pocket, and getting back to writing in under 15 seconds?

So, are you the lazy toss-in-the-trash type or what?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our Pallas Pens are probably not the right choice for you.  We will refer you instead to an endless display of eco-UNfriendly whiteboard markers to choose from, all of which meet this criteria.

BUT . . . if you answered "NO" to all those questions, then step on inside to Pallas Pens and experience a game changer in the whiteboard world: