About Us

Meet the CEO & Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Devon. My purpose is to inspire you to continuously succeed. Whether it be a classroom teaching our future, a job interview, a pitch to investors, a sale, or a nurse communicating the care team to the patient and family, I demand that you have the right tools for your craft. Humankind has been writing on walls as far back as we know, and your message is important. Get out there, say what you need to say, and #PickUpThePen. I believe in you!

Meet the Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Robert. And I'm here to help you be the best whiteboarder you can.

Why the whiteboard? Why not Powerpoint?

Well, I believe there's something magical that happens when two or more are gathered in front of the whiteboard.

And I want you to experience that magic in ways that unlock whatever it is that you want to accomplish in your career (and life).

Company Values

  • Hungry

    We aim to deliver more use value than cash value.

  • Humble

    We do everything in gratitude.

  • Smart

    We chose creativity over competition.